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ACRIDITY got its start in Victoria, TX in 1986, combining passions for no-frills, heavy-or-die thrash as well as the sounds of the NWOBHM, the group set out to manifest its own brand of complicated thrash riffs, melodic overtones, and extended song structures, developed in parallel with their in..
Brand: Divebomb Records Model: DCD
Few bands survived the rapid decline of thrash metal in the early 90’s, but not only did Australia’s ADDICTIVE soldier on, they released a superb slab of classic speed metal against all odds. Following up their raw, yet impressive 1989 debut album, Pity Of Man, the band enlisted Ozzy Osbourne/Ra..
Brand: Divebomb Records Model: CD
ANTAGONIST formed in 1993 the band entered Simple Studio in October 1993 to record their debut (and only) release, no one would have foreseen the impact it would have for years to come. Expertly produced and engineered by the band's lead architect, Todd Tousey, and digital wizard, Eric James, th..
Brand: Divebomb Records Model: CD
Album pertama dari band thrash metal/speed metal BLATANT DISARRAY berjudul ‘Everyone Dies Alone’ yang dirilis oleh Divebomb Records. Trio yang berisikan Patrick Strickland (Bass), Mike Schaefer (Gitar, Vokal), Tim Worell (Drums, Vokal) merekam tiga belas lagu berdurasi 50-menit dalam album ini, bers..
Brand: Divebomb Records Model: CD
David T. Chastain has gained a reputation over the last 35+ years as a powerful, progressive guitarist whose music has been centered around his melodic and technically fluent fretboard mastery. Besides David’s virtuoso style, the other major attribute to CHASTAIN’s instantly distinct sound is vo..
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