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Chicago’s AFTERMATH are celebrating their 30th anniversary with the release of their now legendary demo Killing The Future. This will be the first time these recordings are available in North America. Once considered “too damn fast” by Don Kaye of Kerrang! AFTERMATH quickly became a front-runner within the newly birthed 80s crossover movement.  Though their eventual artistic evolution would steer them away from the neck-breaking speed of Killing The Future AFTERMATH are still held in high regard as one of the crossover champions of the era.

This Bootcamp Series reissue collects not only the original Killing The Future cassette release as well as Demo #1. All audio was transferred from original 2 track master reels, a first, and remastered by Paul Logus. Cover art is a faithful recreation of the original Killing The Future cassette release. Limited edition of 500 copies plus new interview with Kyriakos “Charlie” Tsiolis, archival photos and 12 page booklet.


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